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We probably do not need to explain how important it is that your fuel is completely clean. After all, contaminated fuel performs less well than fuel that is in pristine condition. Additionally, contaminated fuel can block filters, causes deposits on injectors and subsequently produces more harmful emissions, that are bad for the environment. Njord Filtration is a young company that has developed a special method for analysing fuel. This analysis of diesel fuel is part of our innovative quality solutions that we use to serve businesses around the globe. We can also perform a fuel analysis for small businesses or individuals, or supply the equipment with which you can do this yourself.

Analysis of fuel

The objective of our company is to ensure that our customers can make the most of their fuel, and thereby reduce the cost of operation and maintenance of diesel engines. Our solutions are flexible, scalable and we know how to handle the most complex issues. For years it was assumed that little needed to be done, or even could be done for the quality of fuel beyond installation of prefilters or centrifuges. Ther focus was always on the engines that were running on the fuel. Our system strongly improve the quality of the fuel, leading to higher performance and less maintenance.

Analysis of diesel fuel

Our method will first look at the quality of the fuel. We can do this for you, or you can do this with our test kits. These options also exist for the next stage in the process after the fuel analysis: the cleaning of the fuel. Equally important is the third step: quality control. If you do not keep your fuel clean, the engine performance is back to the same low level as before quickly. With our method, you can avoid that easily. In addition to monitoring of fuel quality through regular sampling, we offer inline quality measurement sensors and automated fuel filtration systems that optimise your fuel every week.

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Problem Solver

Our solution


If there are problems with filters, injectors, pumps or diesel quality in general, it is advisable to take a bottom sample from the tank(s) and have it analysed. Sometime the diesel is so filthy that the conclusion is obvious: the diesel must be cleaned.

We offer a sampling and analysis service as well as sampling sets to take your own samples. These can also be sent to us for analysis, or can be tested for microorganisms with Liqui-Cult.


If contamination of the diesel with water, sediment and/or microorganisms is discovered, it is important to remove the contamination from the tank(s) and to bring the fuel back into optimal condition.

To this end we offer a tank and fuel cleaning service as well as the equipment to recondition the fuel yourself. If we clean the tank and fuel, before and after samples are taken to demonstrate the effect of service provided.


After the contamination has been removed, it is usually best to ensure that it cannot reoccur. With modern diesel, however, the chance of this is relatively high. There are a number of preventative measures, products and systems available for this. The choice for one of these is different for each situation, client and available budget.

We offer sampling services, complete fuel maintenance contracts and installation of preventative products and systems according to the KIWA BRL-K903-08 norm.
There are a number of options for the tanks as well as the engines/burners:


If so desired, the quality of the fuel with regard to water and sediment levels can be measured in-line in order to control the quality or to adjust the filtration system.

Njord provides: