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Tank Cleaning and Diesel Optimization Benelux and Ruhr-Gebiet

Today's EN-590 diesel has a reduced shelf life compared to the diesel from a few years ago. Because of the strong affinity for water and the strong reduction of micro-organism unfriendly Sulphur, the fuel absorbs more (emulsified) water and micro-organism growth is much more frequent. Also, natural sedimentation is accelerated because of the bio-components. The bio-component works as a detergent and dissolves sediments that have accumulated over the years. They enter back into the fuel as larger particles and sludge and can cause filter blocking as well as injector problems.

On the other hand, modern common rail engines require an ever cleaner fuel.

Not only in stand still emergency power tanks, but also in high throughput tanks water, sediment and micro-organism are found to be present in bottom fuel samples.

When there is too much water, sediment and/or micro-organism in your fuel system, it is important to clean fuel and tank. Instead of replacing the old fuel with new, opening underground tanks to send a person in to clean with high pressure and the related cost and down-time, Njord Filtration Systems offers a non-invasive method without entering the tank to restore fuel and tank in optimal condition.

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It is also possible to have Njord Filtration Systems sample your tank on regular intervals and take out any contamination found at once. In this situation we offer Fuel Maintenance Contracts.