Convertible Polishing Systems

To be able to provide a solution for smaller yachts and other diesel users that do require clean fuel, but are on a tighter budget, Njord designed so called Convertible Polishing Systems that can first be used to clean the fuel tank, and then be installed as a fixed Fuel Polishing System with manual control. It comes with just an on-off switch, but with the connections for sensors and controller to be installed later.

Automation can be added by the customer right away, or after some time. These systems are available in DC and AC versions, and consist of a leak tray, pump, Fuel Conditioner and single filter. The option exists to get a primary filter to aid in tank cleaning for rather dirty tanks.

APS 600 FC 3Key Features:
  • Compact design and low weight
  • Absolute filtration in final filter
  • Fuel Conditioner to stop micro-organism growth and stabilize fuel
  • Fuel Quality required for Common Rail engines
  • Optional suction and return hoses
  • Prefilter optional
  • Filtration Controller and sensors optional
  • Flow meter optional

Each fuel tank is its own biosphere. Diesel fuel is naturally unstable and forms sediments over time. As water enters the tank with the consumption of fuel, micro-organism contamination is always a threat. The drastic reduction of sulfur and addition of bio-components to diesel fuel in recent years have further reduced shelf life and increased fuel related headaches. To make sure your engines or burners run reliably and efficiently on (bio)diesel, it is strongly recommended to recirculate each fuel tank a few times per year.

To bring and keep the fuel in spec and meet the engine manufacturers’ fuel cleanliness requirements, it is essential to keep water below 70 ppm and reach at least an 18-16-13 ISO 4406:1999 particle size distribution. Multi-pass filtration with a water absorber and absolute filter elements with a high Beta ratio for filtration below 5 micron are required. This is realized using the Njord Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems running in a parallel recirculation loop to the fuel tank.

Njord Convertible Polishing Systems Table