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Fuel Conditioners

Fuel is naturally unstable. Its quality and chemistry are continuously degraded by transportation & storage from refinery to user, oxidation, heat & pressure of engines, pumps & injectors, and by water & microbial contamination. Even when fuel is still clear and bright, microscopic fuel components agglomerate forming larger clusters and organic compounds. Eventually, filters clog and sludge (algae, gum, tar, varnish, wax, etc.) accumulates in storage tanks. Njord Filtration Technology reverses the agglomeration process.

The Fuel Conditioner also stops the growth of micro-organism in your fuel tank.

Njord Fuel Conditioners

Njord Fuel Conditioners OverviewKey Features:

  • Powder coated steel (except NFC-200)
  • Prevent blocked filters
  • Stops micro-organism growth
  • Reverts sedimentation process
  • New direct flow through design
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Maintenance free
  • No electrical connection
  • No moving parts

NJORD fuelconditioner V2 ext klein

Njord Fuel Conditioners Table