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YouNo one wants their diesel to become contaminated. Diesel bacteria are a tedious, unfortunately but very common problem. Njord Filtration knows how to handle diesel bacteria. With our proven method we bring your diesel in good condition, and we make sure that it remains in good condition.

The Njord Filtration method

To tackle bacteria in diesel, Njord Filtration has developed its own method. On our website, found at njordfiltration.com, we have developed a special problem solver, in which you can easily identify what problem you are experiencing. Choose the micro-organic contamination option, and you will see that we propose to take up to four steps. To begin with, we recommend the fuel to be sampled and tested. This can be done by our professional staff, but we can also send you the material to perform this yourself. This is also true for the second step, in which the contamination is removed. Once this has been completed, it is important to ensure that it does not return. To do so, we recommend several preventive measures. In addition to monitoring of the fuel quality through regular sampling, we also offer automated fuel polishing systems that maintain your fuel weekly, keeping the water level in the diesel so low the bacteria in diesel cannot survive. The last step then consists of our in-line quality measurement, which we can monitor the quality of diesel. In this fashion, the diesel bacteria have no chance!

An end to diesel bacteria

Diesel bacteria belong to the most annoying problems that may arise with your fuel. Our professional method ensures to put an end to this. After all, you want to get the most out of your diesel, something that cannot happen if an infection is present. Njord Filtration is a fast growing and innovative company that has liquid treatment as a specialty. You can contact us so that we can see together how we can make sure your diesel will not be infected by diesel bacteria. Our solutions keep your diesel clean, and optimize your fuel efficiency!

Please contact us to discuss the best solution for you.

Problem Solver

Our solution


If there are problems with filters, injectors, pumps or diesel quality in general, it is advisable to take a bottom sample from the tank(s) and have it analysed. Sometime the diesel is so filthy that the conclusion is obvious: the diesel must be cleaned.

We offer a sampling and analysis service as well as sampling sets to take your own samples. These can also be sent to us for analysis, or can be tested for microorganisms with Liqui-Cult.


If contamination of the diesel with water, sediment and/or microorganisms is discovered, it is important to remove the contamination from the tank(s) and to bring the fuel back into optimal condition.

To this end we offer a tank and fuel cleaning service as well as the equipment to recondition the fuel yourself. If we clean the tank and fuel, before and after samples are taken to demonstrate the effect of service provided.


After the contamination has been removed, it is usually best to ensure that it cannot reoccur. With modern diesel, however, the chance of this is relatively high. There are a number of preventative measures, products and systems available for this. The choice for one of these is different for each situation, client and available budget.

We offer sampling services, complete fuel maintenance contracts and installation of preventative products and systems according to the KIWA BRL-K903-08 norm.
There are a number of options for the tanks as well as the engines/burners:


If so desired, the quality of the fuel with regard to water and sediment levels can be measured in-line in order to control the quality or to adjust the filtration system.

Njord provides: