Njord Self Cleaning Fuel Tanks

Njord Self Cleaning Diesel TankAs every tank creates its own biosphere, where fuel deterioration will occur if the correct measures are not taken, the installation of a new tank creates the opportunity to select a self-cleaning tank right away. Njord offers such tanks equipped with an Absolute Filtration System.

Such tanks can be equipped with a control system also managing fuel supply and tank sensors as contents measurement, vacuum leak detection systems, as well as additive dosing systems are available upon request.

Key features:
  • high quality fuel tank on 1% angle
  • integrated automated filtration system
  • water, sediment and micro-organism removed automatically
  • keeps water below 50-70 ppm
  • keeps fuel partivle count as required for common rail engines (better than 18-16-13)
  • remote monitoring ready
  • optional leak detection on return pipe and/or tank, tank contents management, additive dosing system