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Current EN-590 diesel can no longer be kept as long as diesel from a few years ago. Due to the higher attraction of water and removal of sulphur, microorganisms are generated in the tank, but natural sediment formation is also accelerated. Over the years, the bio-component in diesel also loosens encrusted sediments in the tank so that these might also end up in your filters and in your vehicles. Contemporary engines, on the contrary, require cleaner fuel.

Water, sediments and microorganisms are also regularly found when taking samples not only in stationary tanks such as, for instance, emergency generators, but also in tanks with high fuel flow.

In order to ensure that the fuel that you pump from your tanks is always dry and free of sediments and microorganisms, it is recommended to install a professional filter/separator in front of or behind the delivery pump. It should be possible to drain this filter of water so that when plugged, you no longer have a situation where you cannot pump any more diesel. A water alarm is also important because when water is not separated, the filter paper becomes wet and will let water through.

Njord Filtration Systems supplies and installs professional filter / separatorsets according to KIWA BRL-K903-08.

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