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In Line Quality Measurement

In line real-time measurement of product quality is becoming more important. Two key factors that can be measured in line are water content in ppm and particle size distribution according to ISO 4406:1999. Njord offers both measurement systems that can easily be integrated with our range of automated filtration systems and represent a remarkable cost effective solution to fluid management and contamination control.
- the Zelentech Water in Oil meter delivers continuous, real ime accurate monitoring of the ppm concentrati.on of ALL water (free, dissolved as well as emulsified).
- the Parker i-Count combined with Njord flow control offers laser based leading edge technology.

Zelentech water cut meter
The ZT100 Water Cut Monitor is desidned to provide reliable water content readings in any hydrocarbon, and primarily aimed at Crude Oil applications. The ZT100 features stable temperature compensated readings cou[led with a unique flexibility when it comes to installation.

The ZT100 can be successfully installed as full bore units up to 48 inch, or alternatively in bypass configurations.

They can be supplied with built in or separate Static Mixers to enable a proper representative stream through the sensor.





Temperature rating

150°C (300°F) standard 


From 1 to 48 inch


4-20 mA



Power requirements

Loop power 12/24 Volts DC


CE marked IP66 , Class 1, Division 1 through certified explosion proof enclosure utilizing separate instrument and connection chambers.

ATEX Intrinsic Safe

For further information, please refer to: http://www.zelentech.co/products/watercut/